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Frequently Asked Questions

ZudgeZury is a fun, engaging, entertaining and FREE decision-making lifestyle platform. Through the platform, you can share your concerns and options, a Zudge or Zury will boost your confidence in making wiser decisions. Opinions rendered are strictly for entertainment purpose and are not Professional or Legal advice.

As a user, you can raise your concern with options and seek help from others. Seeking help from a standard 9 member Zury panel or Zudge is FREE. You will get a response within 24hrs . If a User prefers a bigger Zury panel, need an urgent response or want to meet the Zudge in a Live Hearing, then In-app credit purchases would be required. A user can also help others by starting off as a Zury.

Definitely! … and this is what ZudgeZury is for. We help resolve concerns. A primary user will raise the concern and invite the other users. All users can now express their own options and we await the Zury or Zudge verdict.

ZZChat is our latest chatbot powered by ChatGPT AI. Ask anything and see the natural language response from AI.

All users begin as a Trainee Zury and will have a personal star ranking for quality and time of response. Users can be promoted to be a Citizen Zury by earning tips and rewards from fellow members in the community and at the same time, follow and have followers as well as friends.

A Zury panel is a group of people who will deliberate your options and help increase your confidence in making a wiser decision. With enough case experience, a Zury is promoted to be a Zudge who can now do Live Hearings and earn tokens. Zudges earn their status by completing cases and maintaining quality ratings in responses and time.

Of course, we certainly want users to have that option although we encourage a neutral third party whom may be able to give a more objective response. But again, if the Zudge is someone more familiar with your special situation, it would be useful.

Yes of course. That is the beauty of ZudgeZury. The AI buttons in the app allow the user to interchange between real people and AI for questions.

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